Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adventure Club Dubstep Question and Answer Interview

Here a recent Adventure Club Dubstep Interview done by Bounce Radio:

Adventure Club Q&A

1) First off thanks for taking the time to answer some questions…
So where did you guys come up with the name Adventure Club, How come no Super Adventure Club? lol
Haha, we watched that episode after we came up with the name… and just lol’d all over the place.One of us just spit the name out, we went with it. Really liked the playfulness of it, and thought it would be a cool contrast with the darker music that we wanted to make.

2) You guys share something with Bounce Radio, you are based out of Montreal, Canada. What swayed you into dubstep? and has the city accepted you as much as the rest of the world?
The montreal Hardcore scene actually swayed us in. We love breakdowns, and drops in dubstep have a similar feel. Being in bands for most of our teenage years, we thought it was the next musical step.
At first we we’re getting attention everywhere else but Montreal, but more and more people are starting to come out to our Montreal shows. There’s a lot of love around here. We love the scene here, it’s becoming a family vibe.

3) You guys are pretty fresh to the music scene and It seems like you have had a parabolic rise in popularity How has the ride been since you have been taking off?
We still just kind of hang out, the “rise” still hasn’t really hit us. We never imagined anything like this.
Compared to 3 months ago, we have definitely seen a change. Booking shows out of town is just a wonderful feeling.

4) One of the biggest questions for producers/djs these days is what kinda equipment and software are you using. What VST’s are your weapons of choice when it comes to making those signature dubstep basslines?
We use Cakewalk as our DAW. It wouldn’t be signature if we shared…

5) What city has had the rowdiest, loudest crowd (live shows)?
So far it’s been Ottawa, loved that ish.

6) Which artists are inspiring you?
Kimbra, The Weeknd, and Flux Pavillion.

7) What’s your personal Top 10 right now?
The Weeknd
Woe, Is Me.
Greeley Estates
Dream on Dreamer
Youth Lagoon
Edison Gem
Flux Pavillion
Mord Fustand

9) Where can your fans catch you guys live? check les tour dates amis!

10) Tell your fans where they can keep up with your latest news, music and shenanigans (Twitter, Facebook, website, all that shameless good stuff)

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